Plucky Fellows | Field to fork
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We offer a collection and delivery service that aims to take your feathered game and return back to you, plucked, gutted and oven ready within 48 hours. Think of us as your on-call butcher.


A sporting day out and social evening in is what we believe the shooting season should be all about. At Plucky Fellows we want you to enjoy your game twice - once in the field and once on your fork.


Think of us as your on-call butcher. As well as dressing the game, we can also fill the role of chef with our list of freshly prepared.


Our aim is to collect your game from you on a Sunday evening once you're back in London and have your birds plucked, prepared and back with you by Tuesday evening. We want you to have the freshest possible produce and we're always on call so there's no need to worry about missing our opening hours.


Not your normal meal deal package. At your request, we can also fill the role of chef with our list of freshly prepared, oven-ready vegetables and homemade sauces. Giving your guests more time to enjoy your good company and your fine wines.

About the plucky fellows

Story of Pluck Fellows:

The idea of my business arose when I moved down to London 10 years ago. I would head off to shoots and kindly be given some game at the end of the day’s shooting. I’d returned to London with all the best intentions of preparing the game myself for a meal with friends – however, what would typically happen is that time would get away from me and the game would remain untouched and with a heavy heart, end up in the bin. After mulling over the idea, I decided that I would start up Plucky Fellows to solve this problem – taking the stress and hassle out of preparing game and offering a guilt-free option to being too busy.

Plucking, Preparing and Processing


Some fantastic shots taken during the season, showing you the progression from field to fork.